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Prospice Vision

Our Vision of Healthcare:

Family of Companies
Our vision starts with a very simple truism: "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts". At least that's the case for Prospice Group Corporation and our team of solution providers. We have built a family of companies that are proven industry leaders, with a track record of efficiency, and a reputation for being fair, accountable, and differentiated as an industry-leading solution.

Focus on Preventative Care
While the old paradigm is lucrative for health care organizations and insurance carriers, it does not stand up for the employers and - their greatest asset - their employees. There is an old adage that "it is cheaper to keep an old customer than to pay for a new one". This is the case for employees as well. Businesses invest heavily in hiring and training their employees, yet they fall short when it comes to executing proactive wellness programs and other initiatives that could prevent loss of work, injuries, illness, and lawsuits. Prevention is a strategy that employers need to take seriously.

Paradigm to Keeps Small Business in Business
Indeed, the cost of mismanaging a workers' injuries can incur a very high cost. There are no lack of documented cases of businesses floundering and failing due to expensive legal struggles or because of excessively high premium charges. Our founder, Sam Vidaurreta, recognized this as a serious problem in the state of California. Hence, the Prospice Group Corporation family of companies was conceived -- with the express purpose of creating a new paradigm to adequately address these issues.

Integrated, Comprehensive Solutions
Currently, healthcare is disjointed, inefficient and adversarial. All the separate entities "do their own thing" without regard for whether the total solution is working. Prospice Group Corporation new vision of healthcare is revolutionary -- a team approach to a fully integrated, complete solution -- from case management ... to a provider network ... to medical management ... and all the solutions in between! Our teams are designed to implement specialized and customized solutions that are specific to the needs and issues of each employer. Employers and patients no longer have to navigate in a "one size fits all" healthcare model. The bottom line: quicker return to work with better quality care for the patient and real and substantial cost savings to the employer!

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts
In short, the whole IS greater than the sum of the parts. This exciting new paradigm brings together the highest expertise in the industry into one family. The whole process -- an effective and efficient system, including accountability for what transpires along the way -- is the goal. With Prospice Group Corporation, the paradigm can and WILL shift as employers, unions, patients, and doctors experience a paradigm that fosters collaboration and efficiency vs. adversaries and dysfunction ... and it starts with care!

Company Overview

Prospice Group Corporation provides workers' compensation and medical management solutions that are innovative and cost-saving. Through its family of companies, it uniquely brings together best-of-breed medical providers, case management, bill review, insurance and other workers' compensation related solutions -- all under one umbrella designed to better serve doctors, patients and employers.

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